Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stop the Press

Have you walked your students' through the full writing process?  I'm sure you have and if you are like me you may have spent a great deal of time having them type their final work into the computer to print up.  There is another option.  Popping up all over the net you can find free, web based, e-publishers like .  What's great about this is that students get to utilize a tool that their parents, relatives and friends can all access.  It truly builds in a real life purpose for considering your audience when writing.  Keeping that audience at the forefront of their minds drives them to want to reduce errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  It also delivers that internal push to put there best effort into the content.  The kids also like the ability to make their ebooks multimedia style presentations by adding video content, music and photo's which are not possible when you are using the traditional hand written or word processed versions of a final draft writing.  I hope you will join me in flooding the market with are amazing young authors works. What could be more empowering for a child than to start having their stories downloaded by others?