Thursday, July 5, 2012

Science Fair... How about a Tech Fair?

As usual, I like to start with a question and present a possible answer for educators, students and parents.  For years districts nation wide have held "Science Fairs" where children explore some area of science by creating an experiment to demonstrate their ability to go through the scientific process.  It's a great way to learn about a specific area of science and to truly live out science.

Now I'm a great believer in this process, in fact I still remember my 6th grade science fair project. Do you?  I focused on fermentation... yes turning yeast into... well alcohol.  While I never used this process again (especially after tasting it under adult supervision, just the smell would turn anyones stomach...) I did use my knowledge for future science endeavors. 

So I was thinking... we should look to expand the Science Fair and include or have an additional Tech Fair.  Computers, after all, are a science and a constantly developing field of which children will need to be skilled at in the future.  So my challenge to you is to start a Tech Fair in your class, grade level, school site or even district.  Follow the same method of the science fair and have kids compete while looking at how technology impacts life all around us.  Have categories, or just have a general fair, but please join me this upcoming year and hold your own.  

We can report back together after we've experimented and share the successes.

Written by Scott Bedley