Sunday, July 26, 2015

Solving the Grand Challenges in Education... My Annual Reading Assignment Focused on #EduIcons and Progress

What do you believe are the "Grand Challenges" in Education?

The target moves, we shoot. It moves again. We shoot again. It feels like this continually moving target, that we all get caught up in trying to hit, and may likely never be hit. So let's stop shooting at others' targets and start defining our own. When you think of what you want your students to leave your class with, are there keys? Do we even know the right questions to define our targets?

What questions do you believe we need to help set up our targets for success? I'll be adding three books to my reading list specifically focused on expanding my perspective over the next year in an effort to dive deep into thinking about the targets that will help the way I teach. One is Alfie Kohn's School Beyond Measure. I've always admired Alfie Kohn's contrarian look at things and agree with him on some (but not all) perspectives. Another book from one of the people I consider an "Education Icon" (#EduIcon) is John Seely Brown's The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion. I love the concept of "small moves" that can lead to bigger change. Next on my list of reading is another #EduIcon, Dr. Howard Gardner. His book The Unschooled Mind, a book that's been out there for some time but seems to have slipped past me until now, is focused on merging cognitive science with the education agenda.

I'm looking forward to continuing to challenge myself to rethink what type of education I'm providing for my students. I do this because I want every teacher my son has to do the same. Join me in reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these books.

Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope you'll consider following me as I share more over this next year.  You may also want to check out the Bedley Brothers Edchat Podcast where we highlight many of the leaders in the world of education.

Optional Reading: I just finished Ron Clark's new book Move Your Bus and was hoping the book would help me better define my targets or help to identify questions to improve education and learning. An interesting book (Please don't get mad Ron Clark followers), but I found it a bit disappointing for a title that says it is "An Extraordinary" insight at "Accelerating Success." Ok Amanda Ripley... I hope your book The Smartest Kids in the World lives up to the hype because you're up next.

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